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Frequently Asked Questions About Vasectomy Reversal


Q: If I had a vasectomy several years ago, am I still producing sperm?

A: Yes, even after a vasectomy the body continues to produce sperm; however, following vasectomy, sperm are blocked from leaving the testicles. Learn more about vasectomy.

Q: Is a vasectomy reversal painful?

A: Patients may experience mild pain and some swelling of the scrotum following vasectomy reversal. Pain medications will be prescribed for use, as needed.

Q: How successful are vasectomy reversals?

A: In general, about 85-95% of men who undergo a vasectomy reversal have a return of sperm after the procedure. The chance of spontaneous pregnancy, however, is lower.

Q: When will I know if the vasectomy reversal surgery has worked?

A: Six to eight weeks following surgery, you will return to Colorado Urology for a sperm count to determine the success of the procedure and return of sperm.

Q: How long until I can have sex following the vasectomy reversal?

A: Three to four weeks following surgery, most men can return to regular sexual activity.

Q: Can a vasectomy reversal that initially succeeds close up again later on?

A: Yes. Approximately 15% of successful vasectomy reversals can close up due to delayed scarring. We recommend freezing sperm after a successful reversal has been confirmed.

Q: If a man has undergone an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal, is it possible to perform a re-do surgery?

A: Yes; however, the chances of success are lower due to scarring from multiple surgeries. Men who have had unsuccessful vasectomy reversals may need to consider In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and sperm harvesting.

Q: Can sperm be harvested and frozen during a vasectomy reversal?

A: Yes. If you and your partner are considering In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in case of a failed reversal, it is a good idea to arrange for sperm harvesting at the time of the reversal. Please note, harvesting needs to be arranged at the time of surgery scheduling and there are additional costs involved.
*Sperm harvested during a vasectomy reversal can only be used for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), not intrauterine insemination (IUI).

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