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Quick, Safe, Painless, Non-Invasive – Axol Softwave Therapy 

Axol Therapy is a modern approach to healing the body by using four types of energy: Heat, Electrohydraulic, Acoustic, and Light (HEAL). The energy waves produced by Axol penetrate deep into the tissue to promote blood flow, circulation, and reduce inflammation while also stimulating the migration of the body’s stem cells for long-term healing.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction and to enhance sexual performance in men, Axol therapy focuses on regenerative healing.

How Axol Therapy Works


Axol softwave therapy


The technician places the treatment wand gently on the penile skin in several different areas.


Unfocused acoustic waves are delivered to the shaft of the penis using a treatment wand that features a patented unfocused electrohydraulic acoustic wave.




Axol therapy for ED
The pulsed acoustic waves are delivered through the skin into the tissue to open and repair aging blood vessels, stimulate new blood vessel growth, restore blood flow, and improve erectile quality. Axol Therapy typically takes only 20 minutes, once a week, over six weeks for a total of six sessions in your physician’s office.

The acoustic waves repair older blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penis.



80% of men with ED who have received Acoustic Wave therapy saw a reversal of their condition and were able to stop taking oral ED medications. Nearly 85% of all men receiving the treatment have reported positive results and improved sexual performance.*

Axol Therapy Before and After


* https://www.softwavetherapies.com/erectile-dysfunction.html 

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