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The My Colorado Urology Patient Portal is supported by our partner vendor, Follow My Health.  For technical support needs, select the Help icon from the login screen or you may access the support center through these contact channels:

Phone:  888-670-9775

Email:  support@followmyhealth.com

We are pleased to provide our patients with a comprehensive and secure patient portal through FollowMyHealth. This easy to navigate web-based portal gives users access to their medical records and the ability to communicate with their care team electronically using their computer, tablet or phone!

Follow My Health Features

Your records at your fingertips: Patients have access to their medical records in an easy-to-navigate format across their entire Colorado Urology care team. Review your clinical summary immediately following your visits, including information such as past medical and surgical history, blood pressure and your medication list. Expect expedited test results as soon as they are available to your physician.

Personalized Communication

Message back and forth directly with your care team, including your physicians, nurses, and billing representatives. See your upcoming appointments or send us a message to help you schedule one.
Renew your prescriptions or send a message to your doctor to request a new medication.

Consolidate Records

Merge records from your existing physician’s FollowMyHealth account with your Colorado Urology FollowMyHealth account to more easily manage your health.

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