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  • Axol Softwave Therapy is a new treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and for men who want enhanced sexual performance.
  • The in-office treatment is non-invasive, safe, and effective with virtually no side effects.
  • Axol Therapy uses low-intensity sound waves.
  • Axol Therapy is an alternative to ED medications, surgical implants, penile pumps, and injections.

Denver, CO (February 24, 2020) – The men’s sexual health specialists at Colorado Urology now offer an exciting new treatment option for men living with erectile dysfunction (ED) called Axol Softwave Therapy. This safe and non-invasive treatment option is helping many men with ED achieve spontaneous and natural erections without the help of medications. The therapy can also be used to enhance a man’s sexual performance.

About 5 in 10 men experience erectile dysfunction (ED) at some point in their lives. First-line therapies often include oral medication to help men achieve an erection. Now, Axol Therapy is providing a safe and effective alternative.

This non-invasive procedure uses gentle full-spectrum, low-intensity sound waves that stimulate revascularization, a process in which new blood vessels form. Axol Therapy promotes improved blood flow to the penis, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the migration of the body’s stem cells for long-term healing. The new treatment is helping men to achieve natural erections without ED medications, pumps, injections, or penile implants.

Learn about Axol Softwave Therapy at Colorado Urology: https://www.coloradouro.com/specialties/axol-softwave-therapy/.

Axol Therapy – How it Works

Axol Therapy is a modern approach to healing the body by using four types of energy: Heat, Electrohydraulic, Acoustic, and Light (HEAL). Unfocused acoustic waves are delivered to the shaft of the penis using a treatment wand that features a patented unfocused electrohydraulic acoustic wave.

The pulsed acoustic waves are delivered through the skin into the tissue to open and repair aging blood vessels, stimulate new blood vessel growth, restore blood flow, and improve erectile quality. Axol Therapy typically takes only 20 minutes, once a week, for a total of six sessions in the physician’s office. 

How Well Does Axol Therapy Work?

For men who are the right candidates, Axol Therapy is a safe and effective option without the side effects often experienced with oral medications. Most patients can get the quality, rigid erections they once had with Axol Therapy’s gentle acoustic pulse treatment within just six office visits. Incremental improvement in erectile function may be seen after just a few sessions.

Restoring Vitality and Quality of Life

There are a number of significant benefits to Axol Therapy. For men who are candidates for this treatment option, a future without erectile dysfunction is perhaps the biggest one. The restoration of a man’s vitality and spontaneous active sex life are also major benefits of this exciting new treatment.


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