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Information About Appointments and Telehealth Video Visits

Information About Appointments And Telehealth Options 

For the safety of our patients and community, appointments in our offices are currently limited to urgent/essential medical issues only. Telehealth Appointments are now available to all patients, which you can quickly schedule online.

In-person office appointments are for urgent or essential needs. If this is an urgent medical issue, please call 888-401-7149.

Telehealth Appointments – Easy and Secure

Telehealth appointments now available with one of Colorado Urology’s providers.



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*Telehealth appointments are for all non-urgent/non-essential medical issues.


Telehealth Video Visit Instructions

Additional Appointment Information

  • For patients with previously scheduled office visits, a member of our staff will call you to reschedule your appointment as a telehealth visit.
  • In-person office appointments will only be for urgent or essential needs. If this is an urgent need, please call 888-401-7149.
  • You may call us at 888-401-7149 to reschedule an existing office appointment as a telehealth appointment, or use the easy scheduling link.

Telehealth Appointments – Safe, Easy, And Convenient

Telehealth appointmentsInstead of an in-office visit, we now are offering Telehealth Appointments. Telehealth appointments are just like an in-person visit with a provider, except they are done on a smartphone or any device with a built-in camera (iPads, laptops, desktops). Telehealth appointments are easy, secure, and convenient allowing you the freedom to talk with your provider at a time and location of your choice, such as your home. You must be in the state of Colorado to participate in a Telehealth Appointment.

Many of our providers are available for Telehealth Appointments. If your current provider is not listed for telehealth, you can schedule with another provider. At Colorado Urology, we are a team – all of our providers will have full access to your medical records and history, and will provide superior care when and where you need it most.

Please note: 1) Eligibility varies depending upon the type of visit and your insurance coverage, and 2) interpreters for non-English speaking patients are not available for telehealth appointments.



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