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Diagnosing Prostatitis

Diagnosing prostatitis involves ruling out other problems such as prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, then determining which type of prostatitis you have. Tests may include:

  • Medical History: A medical history discussion will provide information to your doctor to be sure there is not another condition related to or causing your symptoms.
  • Physical Exam: You and your doctor will thoroughly discuss your symptoms and any pain and discomfort.
  • Digital Rectal Exam: This exam will check for abnormalities of the organs in your pelvis and lower abdomen area.
  • Urine Test (urinalysis): This test will be done to determine if bacteria are present in your urine.
  • Urodynamic Test: Your doctor may order this test to check the function of your bladder and see if the bladder empties steadily and completely.

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