United Urology Group

United Urology Group

United Urology Group, formed in August 2016, is a management services organization that has created a national network of urology affiliates which provide the highest quality, most fully-integrated urology care available to patients.

The organization’s member groups of urology practices today include:

  • Chesapeake Urology, with 25 medical offices located throughout Maryland and Delaware, including the practices formerly branded Central Maryland Urology Associates, CHZ Urology Associates, Urological Consultants, P.A., and Peninsula Urology Associates.
  • Tennessee Urology, based in Knoxville, TN with 11 medical offices.
  • Colorado Urology, comprised of Advanced Urology, Alpine Urology, and Foothills Urology and their 11 medical offices, which were consolidated under the Colorado Urology brand in April 2019.

Today, United Urology Group members’ collective staff number 1,087 employees, including 120 physicians.

The vision of United Urology is to support the creation of a national network of urology affiliates, through acquisition and organic growth, which will enable urologists to better meet the needs of their patients by leveraging the financial and operational strengths of United Urology.

Our Leadership Team

Sanford J. Siegel, M.D., F.A.C.S., Chairman

Sanford J. Siegel, M.D., was named Chairman of United Urology Group after serving as the organization’s founding President and Chief Executive Officer in 2016. Prior, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Chesapeake Urology Associates since 2006 when Baltimore’s three largest urology practices merged. In that role, Dr. Siegel built the company into one of the country’s most prominent urology practices, and the largest in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Dr. Siegel had been in private practice, primarily in the Baltimore area, since 1983 and is a recognized leader in the Baltimore and Maryland communities.

Steve G. Bass, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bass is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of United Urology Group and Chesapeake Urology Associates.  United Urology Group is the management services organization formed when Chesapeake Urology was sold to Audax Private Equity in August 2016. Prior to being named CEO in 2018, Mr. Bass was Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Secretary and Treasurer of Chesapeake Urology.  He served United Urology Group in those same capacities and was responsible for all merger and acquisition activities, strategic business development, corporate administration, real estate, accounting and finance, and information technology.

Raleigh N. Heard, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer

Raleigh Heard, Jr.,Raleigh Heard, Jr. was named President and Chief Operating Officer of United Urology Group (UUG) in September 2018. He brings 20 years of progressive management experience in healthcare to the leadership team and since joining United Urology has focused on the strategic growth, development, and operations of the company. Mr. Heard works closely with the Board, CEO, executive management team, and physician leaders to implement and oversee short and long-range financial and operational goals of UUG in the urology market.

Barbara A. O’Brien, Vice President, Human Resources

As Vice President of Human Resources, Barbara O’Brien focuses on talent management, training, compensation, and operational policies for United Urology Group and its member practices. She has more than 30 years of human resources leadership experience and joined Chesapeake Urology, one of UUG’s member practices, as head of the human resources in 2008.


Patricia L. Schnably, Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Patricia Schnably has served as Vice President of Marketing & Communications since joining member group Chesapeake Urology in 2008.  She serves as the marketing head for United Urology Group and its member practices. With more than 30 years of marketing and communications experience, Ms. Schnably’s focus is on the creation of the organization’s overall marketing strategy which includes strategic planning, corporate and marketing communications, digital marketing and social media, advertising, corporate communications, and media relations.

Geoffrey N. Sklar, M.D., F.A.C.S., Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sklar is the Chief Medical Officer for United Urology Group and its member practices. Dr. Sklar is responsible for clinical quality, effectiveness and medical programs at United Urology’s member group practices in 46 locations, in four states and including 120 physicians. He oversees the professional and quality control standards for the organization, develops, and implements policies and procedures that ensure the highest level of quality medical care. In addition, he provides senior executive leadership for risk management, physician oversight, and ensures surgical and clinical services compliance with government regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies.

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